Northeast Portland Neighborhoods

Ethnic markets bring south-of-the-border flavor to NE Portland

By James Bash
For the Hollywood Star News, March, 2010

Northeast Portland has a number of businesses featuring products from Mexico and other countries in Central America and South America. It’s a niche market with an appreciative clientele, similar to the early part of the twentieth century, when Portland boasted taverns, groceries and shops in which the owners spoke German, Italian, Swedish or another European language.

Mercado y Taqueria Don More

Author William Stack explains Oregon history through photos

By James Bash
For the Hollywood Star News, March 2010

If you’ve ever gone through a pile of your grandparents’ photographs, you’ll understand the challenge Laurelhurst resident William Stack faced while working on his first book, Historic Photos of Oregon (205 pages, $39.95). The publisher of the book, Turner Publishing, asked Stack to identify 210 black-and-white photos of Oregon that dated from the 1860s up to the 1970s.

All of … More

Sensitive to history: Remodeling a period kitchen

By CJ Hurley
For the Hollywood Star News, March, 2010

Period kitchens were not like the great rooms of today, used for entertaining guests and the display of collectibles. They were workrooms used for cooking. So how do we find balance between servicing modern lifestyle needs while being sensitive to the historic integrity of our older homes? No one is expected to live in a time capsule, but when updating … More