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City should put freeze on micro-apartments


As a Portland resident and small-business owner, I am directly and adversely impacted by the epidemic of apartment complexes going up in our neighborhoods with no on-site parking.

Jim Potter, the Seattle developer (Footprint) who is building 56-unit apartments with no on-site parking, was quoted in the Oregonian (11/6/13) as saying parking requirements would dramatically drive up construction costs and rents.

Well, plumbing is pretty darn expensive, too. These developers would save even more money by designing no-toilet apartments and letting the neighboring residents and businesses clean up the mess…as the developers laugh all the way to the bank.

Enough is enough. If the city truly believes in vitality, livability and a strong partnership between citizens and city planners, we need to put a freeze on these projects and take another look at the zoning that is clogging our streets and bound to drive us all crazy.

 Jeanine Holly

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