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Irvington neighborhood’s Zama Massage therapists offer ideas for surviving the holidays

(Jenn Tasnim Savage, Zama Massage)

(Jenn Tasnim-Savage, Zama Massage)

By Janet Goetze
For the Hollywood Star News

The therapists at Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa, who deliver pain relief and healing of body, mind and soul throughout the year, are offering ideas for surviving the holidays, as explained by assistant director Jenn Tasnim-Savage.

  1. PLAN AHEAD: This will help you streamline your efforts and feel less harried. Every year, I make a calendar that outlines my commitments plus those of my partner, children and extended family, with work and travel commitments noted. This gives me a bird’s eye view of what I need to accomplish, and by when. Then I can create a to-do list, broken down by project, on my timeline. Is there anything I can do now to save time, resources and energy three weeks from now? Start doing the things that seem urgent and leave the rest for later.
  2. DELEGATE: Free your time of things you don’t want to do. Ask for help. Hire your teenager or a neighbor kid to do some errands or shopping. Divide tasks with your partner.
  3. SAY NO: Giving to the point of exhaustion serves no one. Go back to your calendar and look at the things you don’t want to miss because they fill your cup or make you feel good. Then say NO to the rest. Setting healthy boundaries and giving yourself permission to have an out is key to finding balance this season.
  4. BE MINDFUL AND KEEP BREATHING (Deeply): Many of us forget the healing benefits of conscious, deep breathing. I often suggest that clients plant their feet firmly on the floor then imagine a long string in the center of their heads is pulling them up, ever so slightly toward the heavens, until their spines are straight.
    Then, with one hand over their hearts and one on lower abdomens, I encourage them to take three to five long, slow, deep breaths. By the third or fourth, they usually start to relax and feel tension dissipating. Adding a few drops of vanilla or lavender aromatherapy to the inside of the wrists or the side of the neck brings added relief and the entire nervous system calms down.
  5. MAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE: Be mindful of what you put in your body, but don’t judge when you overindulge. Enjoy. Every. Bite. Of. That. Pumpkin. Pie!
    Drink plenty of water, move your body and get as much sleep as possible. Consider an extra yoga class, or schedule a massage or facial.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, losing sight of what really matters.

This time of year is about BE-ing with your loved ones. So be with them, and yourself, in a new way this year.

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