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Letter to the editor: New micro apartments mean big problems


Regarding a recent article in the Oregonian on micro-apartments: I’d like to clarify some of the Hollywood neighbors’ objections to this project. Imagine the effects on your neighborhood if small, single-family homes on standard 50-by-100-foot lots were replaced by 64-foot-tall apartment buildings that housed 70 or more people stuffed into 56 dormitory-like units with no parking. Imagine further that the buildings’ tenants were temporary with no connection to each other despite its so-called “group living” designation. Imagine no dorm proctor to keep things from getting out of hand. It is easy to anticipate noise problems, even worse parking problems than we’ve already experienced from no-parking apartments, and more – hurting Hollywood’s great businesses and our acclaimed livability for our small but diverse population. While most of us applaud low-income housing and sustainable transportation, we believe this is a bad way to achieve them.

The project plans presented to us showed each unit with a kitchenette and bathroom, contradicting City Bureau of Development Services planner Rebecca Esau. This makes the “group kitchen” on each floor seem like it was included just to qualify for group living status so no parking would be required. If each unit has its own restroom and kitchenette, it should require parking.

Hollywood Neighborhood Association Board

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