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New lights brighten up Hollywood Library

(Hollywood Library)

(Hollywood Library)

By Bryan Fearn
Hollywood Library manager

If you have been in our library recently you may have noticed that it is substantially brighter. Since the building opened we have had too little light for the tasks performed in the building. That was less noticeable in the areas that brought in lots of natural light, but the interior spaces and the entire building after dark could best be described as “dim.” The too-dim lights and lack of ambient light made for a very dark space, and one that at night can feel very enclosed. That obviously isn’t the best condition for the public to read materials, or for staff who work in the space.

The new lights emphasize more ambient, dispersed light, and we have used different lighting technologies to improve the lighting and a variety of fixtures. The most dramatic lights are the new hanging fixture and use a technology called “induction lighting.” We also added LED lighting and the latest generation of tube-style fluorescent bulbs that are very energy efficient and have a lifespan of close to 10 years. So stop by and check out the new lights when you have some time.

While you stop by to check out our lights, you can also checkout our newest display: a collection of photos from the My Story Workshop (through the end of January). My Story is a non-profit arts organization based in Portland. It designs and facilitates photography workshops that put cameras in the hands of young people. The photos from this display were taken by local children who were in a photography class funded by My Story and the National Endowment for the Arts. The display is both eye-catching and inspiring.

After checking out the display, stick around and participate in one of our “passive programs.” These are fun-yet-simple tasks that take a couple minutes of your time to complete. In the past we have had activities such as writing your name in

Morse code, creating a six-word story on a typewriter, creating a story out of pre-printed strips of paper and making up a sentence about objects we have on a platter. Those were just a few we have done, and you never know what fun activity you may find on your next visit.

Finally, after participating in our passive program, don’t forget to pick up a book from the Staff Picks section. You will be amazed at what you can find. Our staff is full of avid readers with a wide range of interests who love to recommend a good read. There is always something captivating on those shelves for you to take home and enjoy.

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