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    September 6, 2019 @ 1:04 pm

    Hi Janet,

    I am a long-time neighborhood volunteer and I am not “dismayed” by the proposed changes to City Code section 3.96. I am however, “downright
    angry” to see such a one-sided, highly inflammatory opinion piece
    masquerading as news in the usually fair-minded Star News. From the
    headline to the picture caption to the entire content, there is no
    attempt to be objective. Every person you quoted is opposed to the code
    change. Did you make any attempt to reach out to any of the many
    Portlanders who support the change? We’re not hard to find. Did you
    try to hear from any people of color? Renters? Anyone who might feel
    left out by a system that privileges the speech of neighborhood
    associations which overwhelmingly represent the opinions of—that’s
    right—white middle-class homeowners?

    I attended some of the same meetings that your interviewees cite—at
    least I thought they were the same meetings, but their experience of
    them was quite different from mine. If you had been there, or at least
    talked to one of the code change supporters who were there, you would
    have characterized those meetings differently. I guess that’s why
    journalists make some effort to check out all sides of an issue. I am
    really surprised that you chose to present these issues the way you did,
    and even more surprised that your editor allowed it. This is so out of
    character with what I’ve come to expect from the Star News that I just
    don’t know what to think about your paper now.

    David Sweet, Cully


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